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Questions & Answers to Magnum™ Stone FAQ's

+ What is Magnum® Engineered Quartz Stone?
Magnum® Stone is produced from quartz* and formed into various thickness panels that can be used in either residential or commercial applications for countertops, vanities, floors, interior or exterior walls etc. It has the natural look and feel of granite, but has superior performance due to its strength and durability. It is non-porous and will not absorb food or liquids like granite can. It is also virtually maintenance-free.

+ How does Magnum® Stone compare to granite?
Magnum® Stone is a non-porous material, made from a mixture of quartz* and resin binders and pigments. It has the strength of granite, but is more flexible, making it easier to handle. It does not absorb liquids and food which minimizes the risk of surface staining and bacterial growth.

+ Are Magnum® Stone colors consistent?
Magnum® Stone's fabrication process assures consistency and uniformity that natural stone can not provide. As a result the flexibility to combine countertop, floor and even matching walls can be achieved without concern of mismatched grain or color. Granites are quarried in large blocks that are cut into slabs. These slabs are then fabricated into your finished surface. Because each block is different and each slab is different, variation in grain and color will be evident.

+ Can I put a hot pan or pot on Magnum® Stone?
Placing a very hot object directly on top of any cold surface results in a condition referred to as thermal shock. With the exception of laminates, under most conditions found in the kitchen, your countertops will be fine if you take a hot pan off the stove or a casserole out of the oven and place it on them. However there have been instances of countertops cracking when the conditions are just right. For this reason we always recommend the usage of a trivet or thermal pad between the pot and your Magnum™ Stone countertop.

+ How does Magnum® Stone compare to Corian® or other solid plastic surfaces?
Magnum® Stone is natural quartz, a stone crystal mined from the earth. Corian® is 100% plastic polymer; it contains no stone. Magnum® Stone gives you the beauty of natural stone with a harder and more durable surface.

+ What sets Magnum® Stone apart from our competitors?

COST – Magnum Building Products offers factory direct full container pricing delivered direct to your job site or staging location. Products such as countertops and vanities are completely fabricated to your specifications including custom edges and cutouts for sinks and faucets.

BEAUTY - Magnum® Stone is available in a variety of colors that provide the natural beauty and variation of quarry cut stone at a lower cost.

STRONG - Harder and yet more flexible than granite or marble. So durable, even your sharpest cutlery won't harm it. Also, Trained installers can count on fewer broken slabs and less waste than in a typical granite installation.

LOW MAINTENENCE - Magnum® Stone does not require sealing or complicated maintenance. Simply wash it with warm water. It doesn't get easier than that!

FOOD SAFE - Magnum® Stone is non-porous surface that requires no periodic sealing as required for granite. Be assured, much like stainless steel the surface is as safe as can be installed for food preparation.

STAIN RESISTANT - Magnum® Stone resist stains from fruit juices, grease, coffee, tea, wine, nail polish and even felt-tip markers.

+ How does Magnum® Stone price compare to other natural stone or solid surface competitors?
Magnum® Stone prices are actually lower than granite and other high-end countertop options. The price varies based on the requirements for each particular project (seams, cutouts, backsplash, etc), and can vary slightly by region of each country due to shipping cost. We encourage you to compare Magnum™ Stone   pricing to other brands of high-end surfaces. We are confident there is no greater value available than Magnum™ Stone.

* Magnum® Stone - Breton Series is produced with marble aggregate and is not recommended for countertops or high-traffic floors. For those applications please use our Engineered Quartz product lines.


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