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May 26, 2011: Green Builders Institute selects Magnum Building Products as the exclusive supplier of magnesium oxide products.


September 10, 2009:  The Push House at Peach Known Meadows...selects Magnum Board®

For More Information, Contact:
Anthony Brenner, Push Interior/Architectural Design + Build
o. 828.505.1600    c. 828.707.1225
For Immediate Release:
September 10, 2009. Asheville NC

Beauty By Design: The PUSH House at Peach Knob Meadows…
Breaking Ground With New Green Technologies in Asheville NC Home

Frequently cited as one of the greenest cities in the country, a new home coming out of the ground in Asheville is bringing revolutionary sustainability to new heights in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Featuring new to market materials and technology arriving in North America for the first time, this project promises to model a new consciousness of conservation to an industry just reaching its stride.

Health Conscious By Necessity…As a father of an autistic child with severe chemical sensitivities, Anthony Brenner of Push Interior/Architectural Design became inspired to create clean, non-toxic living environments for his clients. Once described in the Wall Street Journal as “aggressively goal-oriented”, former Mayor of Asheville Russ Martin and his wife Karon Korp wanted to build something unique and healthy. By selecting Brenner’s firm, they decided to ‘push’ the envelope and design a modern contemporary home.

Environmentally Responsible By Choice…Capitalizing on recycled and organic materials, internal structural and non-structural wall construction will be a product called Purepanel™ made from landfill recycled cardboard. Representing the cutting edge of environmentally responsible panel manufacture in North America, Purepanel™ has been built upon three main environmentally responsible components: energy saving, recycling and clean air. Structural performance is embedded within the manufacturing process, and each panel with its precision-engineered closed cell core is VOC free and comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste. The core boasts crush strength of 90 tons per square meter and becomes even greener when combined with 2 layers of raw magnesium oxide board. Magnum Board® (MgO) by Magnum Building Products® is a non-toxic, mineral-based, green building product alternative to wood, cement and gypsum based products such as drywall and sub-floor panels. What separates MgO from traditional products is its superior resistance to moisture, fire, mold and insects. Even more surprising about this product, Purepanel™ has a number of residential and commercial applications and uses beyond joinery, such as kitchen cabinets & counter tops, furniture, built-in bookcases, beams, trusses, stairway framework, doors, suspended ceiling panels and even marine construction.  By delivering significant benefits through the entire building process, Purepanel™ is setting a new benchmark in green technology.

For the first time in the United States, exterior walls in the home will be made out of a mixture of hemp and lime. A sustainable highly insulating construction material called Tradical Hemcrete will be provided by Hemp Technologies of Asheville, made from hemp shiv (woody core) and a lime based binder that creates a negative carbon footprint.  Together these products form a bio-composite building material that has excellent thermal and acoustic properties as well as creating a healthy and comfortable living and working environment. Additionally, walls made out of hemcrete will pull CO2 out of the air for 5 to 7 more years, can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and have good vapor permeability. They are fire and pest resistant, inherently airtight structures with low density and high thermal inertia, creating zero to low waste in the construction process.

Future Vision… In keeping with the idea of inspiring the next generation to think green, a local college has designed a course around the insulation of hemcrete on this job, and intends to have students help and learn through the experience (see More Information below). The PUSH House at Peach Knob Meadows truly promises to break new ground in green building technology. Watch for more updates!

For More Information, Contact:
Anthony Brenner
Push Interior/Architectural Design + Build
o. 828.505.1600    c. 828.707.1225


Product and Supplier Information

Purepanel™ and its manufacturing partners are proud to be a part of the Asheville community’s environmentally responsible home building program. For more information on this product, contact: Robin Curtis, GM: EA International Purepanel Division, P:  678-407-6887, Robin.Curtis@eaintl.com

For more information on Tradical Hemcrete  contact David Madera, Hemp Technologies Inc., P.O. Box 2326, Asheville, NC 28802 , http://www.hemtecusa.com  828.989.6049

A-B Tech -Enka, NC Campus is hosting a "Building with Hemp" workshop at their campus Oct. 10th, 2009 starting at 9am. Details if you're interested to attend: This workshop will demonstrate the mixing and use of industrial hemp/lime as a viable building material. An overview of the first WNC house to be built with this product will be provided by PowerPoint. Class will be targeted to architects, designers, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, building owners, code inspectors, fire marshals, facility managers, realtors, green builders and all who want to learn more about alternative building materials. Continuing education credit for this program has been approved by the N.C. Board of Architecture.Cost includes an insurance fee of $1.25. (3 hrs) No fee exemption.

Total Registration Fee: $41.25
Sat, Oct 10, 9:00AM - 12:00PM
209 Haynes, Enka NC             Course #: SEF-7515-390
If you're interested in attending this workshop, then goto this link and register online:

June 16, 2009:  Eleuthera Design and Development Eleuthera The Bahamas - Magnum Board® in The Bahamas

Press Release by Eleuthera Design and Development Eleuthera
The Bahamas “Magnum Board® in the Bahamas”

As a company specializing in the design and project management of high end Custom Houses in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. The climate here is humid with some of the most challenging weather conditions and insect and termite infestations.

These same conditions led us to thoroughly investigate specifying a wallboard for both interior and exterior use - a board that was completely impervious to termites, mould, fire resistant and dimensionally stable under all conditions - we found the solution in Magnum Board® and have been using it and specifying it with great success for the past 3 years.

We find the Contractors have taken to it very well and the installation on all projects has been extremely smooth with great back up and warranty's - the fact that it is roughly the same weight as plywood with a host of added advantages and comparable pricing has led to many improvements in the basic structural specifications for the Client.

Magnum Board® used on the exterior of a 3 Bedroom house -  stack of 1/2" Magnum board ready to be fixed to the interior walls instead of sheetrock.

Magnum Board® ready to be fixed to the ground floor steel frame structure to provide shear strength to the structure

Installation to the exterior 

Installation to the exterior of 3 Bedroom House right on the Atlantic Coast

Exterior installation 

Large Custom 5 Bedroom House on the shoreline - Magnum Board® on the Exterior and interior of a steel frame structure.

Bob Coleman
Buena Vista
Governor's Estate
Governor's Harbour
The Bahamas

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