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Career Opportunities

Account Representatives - email your resume to darmstrong@magnumbp.com

The successful Candidate will aggressively solicit and use their best efforts to develop business and actively promote the sale of all Products carried by Magnum® Board Products and do so in the areas of primary engagement which will be agreed between Account Representative and Magnum® Board Products.

The successful Candidate will abstain from soliciting orders for, dealing in, or promoting the sale of any product or product line which, in the opinion of Magnum® Board Products, competes directly or indirectly, with its product line, or to do so through any employee or agent.

The successful Candidate will establish and maintain, at their own expense and in its own name, an adequate sales office and personnel within the areas of primary engagement, and to compensate any salesman or other personnel, which it elects to have.

The successful Candidate will service all accounts and perform all other necessary duties in promoting, maintaining, and expanding the business in their assigned areas of primary engagement.

The successful Candidate must be willing to cooperate fully with Magnum® Board Products and to take all steps reasonably requested by Magnum® Board Products to resolve any customer complaint(s) and to investigate any shipping, billing, or collection problems that arise in the accounts including the collection of monies due and payable to the Company.

The successful Candidate will report immediately to Magnum® Board Products any difficulties of any type in connection with customers, specifications, requirements, or delivery schedules.

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